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Childcare reforms were a hot topic in the lead up to July 2 2018. The Australian Federal Government needed to educate families on what this meant to them and their kids. Parents were suddenly entitled to more benefits for childcare. This meant they could work and not have to worry about whether or not their children were being taken care of.

But how to put all this information into a package that was both entertaining and informative?


We needed to educate. That was the main focus of this project. But we also needed to make sure parents listened all the way to the end, which for an online video can be a challenge.

We needed to produce a series of videos revolving around the new childcare reforms, primarily for targeted placement on social media. These videos were only to be seen by those directly affected by the new rules. Social targeting at its finest.

The Approach

What better way to get parents engaged than by speaking to them using those who they care about most – their kids? We gathered an army of preschool aged children and had them perform in a studio shoot. They say never work with animals or children and while we did have to rush before they all needed a nap the process was surprisingly smooth.

There were a couple of little stars in the lineup and they stole the show while all of the information was shared. The voice over was supplied by our in-house talent and the audio mixed internally. We can do a lot of different things!


The resulting video series ended up being one of the cutest and most entertaining projects we’ve worked on. We never could have anticipated what the kids would do so we just kept the cameras rolling and captured some pure gold.

The childcare reforms came in on the appointed date and the awareness surrounding them was far better because of our videos. Clickthroughs on the Federal Government website were tracked and the client was very happy with the outcome.

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