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Pro 9 is an innovative Australian builder that manufactures prefabricated building materials that cut down on build time and waste. To simplify – they pre-build the walls and windows and put it all together in a few days. This means that your home could go up in under a week!

The panels are steel reinforced, fire retardant, and insulated to provide comfort and safety.


Pro 9 came to us and explained their problem; they had this amazing technology but nobody knew about it or how it worked. The immediate task for us was to create a video that explained how Pro 9 made their products but more importantly showed it in action.

We were lucky that Pro 9 were adventurous and were looking to be innovative in their videos too because they liked the idea of doing a virtual reality 360° video of a house being built. The walls are put up so fast that this was a perfect idea.

The Approach

We used our 360° cameras to time-lapse the construction site. The walls were driven in on a truck and then craned into position which took no time at all. The 360° camera allows you to stand on the concrete slab as the walls are being dropped into place. You get a strong sense of how the whole process works which was the entire aim.

Perhaps the most difficult thing was managing all of that footage because our 360° cameras film through six different lenses.


The result is a unique piece of marketing material that sets Pro 9 apart as innovators. Not only is the Pro 9 technology and design showcased fantastically but the video itself is a talking point.

Pro 9 have used this 360° video to market their building systems globally.

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