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Pro 9 is an innovative Australian builder that manufactures prefabricated building materials that cut down on build time and waste. To simplify – they pre-build the walls and windows and put it all together in a few days. This means that your home could go up in under a week!

The panels are steel reinforced, fire retardant, and insulated to provide comfort and safety. Seriously, these guys have changed the game when it comes to building.


Pro 9 came to us and explained their problem; they had this amazing technology but nobody knew about it or how it worked. The immediate task for us was to create a video that explained how Pro 9 made their products but more importantly showed it in action.

The great part about this client was that all of the “action” happened very quickly and a whole house went up before our eyes.

The Approach

There was a lot of time lapse videography used in this clip because we needed to see a lot happening in a short time. The build is quick but not that quick. We set up several cameras to capture the walls going up while also filming some close ups of the work being done. A big part of the footage is also aerial drone shots. We put one of our drones in the sky to get some sweeping angles of this difficult to shoot subject.

The edit is very graphic-heavy. There is a lot of information to get across and without a voice over or presenter text overlay is the only way to do it.


The final video is a great showcase that Pro 9 use to market their innovative technology around the world. It explains their system clearly and is an invaluable marketing tool.

Combine this with the 360° video we created for them and their advertising strategy is very strong.


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